Cooking Spaghetti Tips

Have you ever enjoyed the delicious spaghetti? Delicious pasta that comes with savory sauce and an appealing topping is an Italian-based food that is much-loved by various circles. Almost everyone would think that making spaghetti is a very easy thing, just by boiling pasta and pouring the sauce on it. Although it looks easy, the reality is not so, because not everyone can process the perfect spaghetti.

To get the finely processed spaghetti preparations, we are not only obliged to understand the correct spaghetti cooking tricks, but also to understand what not to do when cooking spaghetti. What are they? Check out 5 spaghetti cooking tips that you must know, the following:

Put pasta after boiling water

Whether it is intentional or not, some people often enter spaghetti when the water has not boiled yet. This is wrong, because it makes the pasta so mushy, clothed or easily crumbled. The truth is to boil the water first, then you can start to put pasta.

Do not add any ingredients to the cooking water

If you usually boil noodles by adding oil to not clot, then at the time of boiling spaghetti, this is not necessary. Why is that? Because the oil is attached to the surface of spaghetti just make the sauce difficult to mix well with spaghetti. So all you have to do is simply boil the spaghetti with boiling water instead of adding oil.

If cooking different types of pasta

If you want to cook some types of pasta, make sure to cook according to the type and do not cook simultaneously because it is feared will damage the texture and also the shape.

Immediately though paste after drained

After boiling the pasta, you will definitely drain the pasta. Immediately though the paste and do not let it too long in the filter, because the water content that runs out will make the pasta become dry and easy to clot.

Cook the sauce along with boiling spaghetti

In order for your homemade spaghetti to be perfect, make sure you cook the sauce and spaghetti together. So when the spaghetti is cooked, you just add the sauce. But unfortunately, some people just do the wrong thing, namely: cooking sauce after the spaghetti is cooked. While allowing longer spaghetti in the sieve, will make the spaghetti dry and clot so difficult to blend with the sauce.

it turns out there are a lot of tricks to watch out for your more delicious and perfect spaghetti hopefully the information titled 5 spaghetti cooking tricks that mandatory you know above can be useful for all of us.