Beefsteak Recipe

The beef steak prescription we give is slightly different from the beef steak that we usually find in malls or other restaurants. If beek steak is usually using a thick steak sauce, well this time we will give how to make beef steak with gravy.

Probably almost similar to beef stew recipes, but the sauce is slightly thicker with a complete beef stir fry than a meat stew recipe. Friends need not worry. How to cook beef steak recipe and marinade is easy and simple really. Besides tasty and delicious, the nutritional content is also good to meet the daily nutritional needs of the family


  • meat of fresh cow about 500 grams.
  • five fresh onions to taste or approximately 2 sticks only.
  • wash clean and finely sliced.
  • large medium size onions about 1 pcs.
  • peel the skin and sliced small.
  • fresh celery leaves about 1 stalk ‘wash clean and thinly sliced.
  • White sugar to taste according to taste.
  • both instant powder of beef taste to taste
  • red sugar to taste
  • sponge sweet enough to taste
  • food frying or margarine to taste
  • fried red onions to taste
  • clean water sufficiently

Special beef cow seasoning

  • large medium size red onion is about 15 cloves only.
  • medium garlic peel the onion skin
  • ginger medium size
  • finely pepper or powder according to taste
  • pepper smooth or powder to taste

How to make

  • Prepare a pot of clean water sufficiently.
  • boil the meat has a cow until tender.
  • after gently take the meat and cut into chunks according to taste.
  • air broth is also filtered from dirt that may still exist then set aside.
  • st, smooth onion, garlic, pepper, ¬†ginger.
  • prepare the skillet over medium heat and give enough cooking oil or margarine for 1 stir fried beef basil.
  • enter the spiced paste into a frying pan and stir until there is a distinctive smell of stir-fry.
  • pour the remaining broth into the frying pan to taste enough and stir to mix with the marinade.
  • enter the beef that has been cut into the frying pan then stir back.
  • enter brown sugar, sweet soy sauce, iodized salt kitchen, granulated sugar and powdered broth to taste and then stir.
  • cook while stirring so that it is well blended until the steak sauce thickens and seeps into the flesh.
  • enter the slices of celery leaves, onions, and leaf. Stir back until the vegetables wither.
  • check flavor and add sugar, salt or soy if necessary.
  • stir briefly then turn off the heat and transfer to the dish bowl with a sprinkling of fried onions on top.

Finish is how to make special beef steak above. Although using simple beef bento, but the flavors and delights are not inferior to the recipes from other famous restaurants is not. If you like, can also be added a slice of red tomatoes or potatoes to be more varied. For other beef recipe ideas, please try